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Secluded Beach

A Secret Private Paradise on the Mediterranean Coast!

Designed by the Cypriot sculptor, Andreas Limbourides, Thalassines Villas are nestled on a secluded beach, washed by the salty waters of the Mediterranean Sea.


The perfect location for those seeking peace and quiet.

Kavouri Beach Bar


Residents Only

Just a few meters from the sea, it's the perfect spot to cool down with a cold and refreshing cocktail.

As the sun goes down and the sounds of lounge music fill the air, Kavouri Beach Bar sets the perfect mood.

Serves from 8am to 9pm daily.


Relax | Recharge

Take a quick break and enjoy the exclusive facilities that Thalassines Villas offer. Spend endless hours on the beach and enjoy cocktails throughout the day.

Start your day with a morning yoga session, continue to your private pool or relax on the beach with lounge music, and finish your day with a movie and a BBQ on the beach.

Beach Cinema
Secluded Weddings


The Perfect Spot

Imagine walking barefoot on the sand, feeling its warmth between your toes as you gaze out at the turquoise waters of the Mediteranean Sea.


For Special Celebrations

An exclusive private dinner for two on the beach, with our chef cooking right in front of you. Private dinners are tailored to the occasion being celebrated.

Private Dinner

Andreas Limbourides


Andreas Limbourides, used to spend his free time relaxing and seeking inspiration at this tranquil location.

Eventually, he decided to share this beautiful spot with other people by establishing Thalassines Villas.

Andreas Limbourides
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